Barbara Dudás – European and world champion makeup artist

Let me introduce myself and briefly summarize my career and achievements as a body painter and makeup artist.

I completed my secondary education at the Tömörkény István School of Fine and Applied Arts majoring in graphics. As a graphics student, I discovered the diversity and perfection of the human face, and how inherent unparalleled beauty can be conjured from every character with the proper technique. My fine arts education forms an ideal basis for my profession, the art of face and body painting. After graduation I obtained my qualification as a beautician in Szeged. From the beginning of my career as a beautician, from 1995, I have been a regular participant in national makeup competitions.

I was competing continuously for nine years. My hard work paid off and I achieved outstanding results several times at national and international makeup contests. My results at international competitions are the following:

- 2003. Cologne European Makeup Championship (Beauty International) - first place
- 2004. Paris Body Painting World Championship (Les Nouvelles Esthétiques) - first place
- 2010. Paris Body Painting World Championship (OMC Hairworld) - first place
- 2010. Paris Makeup World Championship (OMC Hairworld) - third place

I consider my biggest successes to be my 1st and 3rd places at the OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure - World Organization of Hairdressing) World Championships.

I am delighted that I could step on the top of the podium at the most prestigious professional world championships, enhancing the reputation of my country. I am particularly proud of this achievement since I was the first Hungarian makeup artist in the history of OMC competitions to receive the trophy, exceeding 58 nations.

Beyond the international recognition, my works appear regularly in national professional publications (e.g. Szépítész, Szépvilág, Beauty Forum, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques). Not only do I present my work in the professional media, I often provide help for the readers of national women’s magazines as a makeup consultant. I take part in makeup competitions as a member of the jury and in professional events as a guest presenter makeup artist. I have contributed to the Hungarian promotion of the products of Babor Face Design and Stage Colour as a senior trainer.

I often work with Hungarian and international performers and celebrities, including the world-renowned singer Emilia, and singers Ákos Dobrádi, Tamara Bencsik, Lola, Fresh Viki, actors Évi Sári and Bernát Babicsek, furthermore models Zita Debreczeni and Linda Zimány, and Natasa Janics and Ági Szabó. Besides makeup for concert performances and television appearances, I have created special face- and body painting for music videos as well (e.g. for the songs „Tűz” (Fire) and „Sztereóláz” (Stereo fever) from Tamara Bencsik).

I am a creative, qualified artist. For me, the term makeup is not related to cosmetology, but to visual arts, the uniqueness of which is created by the special features and differences between human faces and characters. The exciting and colorful world of stages and shows is an ideal ground where the special power of makeup, imagination and originality can be reflected. This is why those requests appeal to me through which I can work on makeup at fashion shows, photo shoots, movie sets, the creation of advertisements and clips, magazines, television shows and theaters.

Makeup education and the creation of professional makeup, bridal makeup, daytime makeup, evening makeup, carnival makeup, photo makeup, body painting and makeup tattoos form a part of my responsibilities as an independent makeup artist.

I have learnt the intricacies of makeup as an autodidact, I did not have a makeup tutor, I relied on my good and bad experiences at makeup competitions, on my strong self-criticism, my good color and shape vision and my senses. I wanted to walk down the road alone, since the experiences and failures I went through have resulted in a deeper and more confident knowledge. For makeup application and education and for preparing makeup artists for competitions, creativity, imagination, and a precise, accurate and clean execution is necessary. For me, perfect work is unimaginable without these. I always strive for the maximum in life as well. I do not make compromises when applying makeup, besides knowledge, I pass this on to the participants of my makeup courses. I have many talented students at my makeup courses and my trainings for makeup competitions who achieve great results at both the fields of makeup and body painting. They have managed to step on the podium at competitions many times.

One of the most memorable results I have achieved as a makeup instructor was when a beginner girl, who has never participated in a makeup competition before, reached first place at the national semifinals of the European Championships, thanks to my successful training. I see the effectiveness of my teaching activity proven by this success, since this result could only be achieved after many years of competing even by successful makeup artists who have competed extensively in the past. To me, makeup and body painting is creation itself. Just like painting, however, I do not project my imagination on paper or a canvas, but on human faces and bodies. All the while the preservation and enhancement of beauty is always the most important aspect. The real knowledge in makeup is reflected in a makeup artist’s ability to make miracles from the face of a woman who is active in her daily life, and not in applying makeup properly on models with perfect faces. This is so important that I place a great emphasis on how to shape the face during my trainings and courses.

Best regards,
Barbara Dudás

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